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OMMEGANG before departure

The discovery menu, devised in the greatest tradition of the time by the Center de Gastronomie Historique, is offered to you from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the underground galleries of Coudenberg

Practical information *** registration:

Former Palace of Brussels - Archaeological site of Coudenberg (metro station Koningsplein)

mention pl. des Palais 7 1000 - Brussels

Ommegang literally means "to walk around" in Old Flemish. This festival is the oldest historical evocation of Brussels. Dating from the 15th century, it was originally a procession of gratitude to Notre-Dame du Sablon. Since 1549 it commemorates the joyful entrance of Karel Quint. Today, the reconstruction of the show given in his honor brings no less than 1,400 extras, 38 folk and historical groups, 40 horses, a traveling puppet theater and 9 giants (the archangel Saint-Michel, Sainte-Gudele, the Bayard horse ...)

After this tasting and a tour of the galleries, you will be invited to participate in the opening of the festivities.

The Ommegang procession will start at 8pm sharp from Place Royale on its way to the Grand Place where, one hour later, the festivities will continue.

The recipes of Pierre Leclerc


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