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Dinner Ommegang 2013

On Tuesday 2 and Thursday 4 July 2013, the oldest festivities in Brussels will take place: the Ommegang. Like last year, VISITBRUSSELS offers an exceptional combined ticket: special menu served in the sumptuous underground galleries of the Coudenberg & the Ommegang show ... A delicious event not to be missed!

In Old Flemish, Ommegang literally means "to walk around". This festival is the oldest historical evocation of Brussels.

Dating back to the 15th century, it was originally a procession of gratitude to Notre-Dame du Sablon. Since 1549, it commemorates the Joyful Entry of Charles V

Nowadays, the reconstruction of the show that was given in his honor brings together no less than 1,400 extras, 38 folk and historical groups, 40 horses, a traveling puppet theater and 9 giants (the Archangel Saint-Michel, Sainte-Gudule, the Bayard horse ...)

On July 2 and 4, a period menu will be offered from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the underground galleries of Coudenberg. After this meal and a tour of the galleries, you will be invited to join the opening of the festivities. The Ommegang procession will start at 8:00 p.m. sharp from Place Royale on its way to Grand Place, where, an hour later, the festivities will continue.

Useful information

Former Palace of Brussels - Coudenberg archaeological site (Place Royale undergrounds)

Entrance via BELvue museum - Place des Palais 7 1000 - Brussels

Email: boxoffice @ visitbrussel ...

Further information

When? Tuesday July 2, 2013 (Corporate Day) & Thursday July 4, 2013

Or ? Coudenberg Entrance by: 10 place Royale 1000 Brussels


€ 85 This includes the entire evening: cocktail, dinner, all drinks and the entrance ticket to the Ommegang show on the Grand Place.


"On the theme of tasting Burgundian specialties from the 15th century" ...

Love potion served to Tristan and Yseut, Claré, Hypocras and Ommegang Beer as drinks.

Tastings of quince paste, pink sugar, nougats, cured meats, blood sausages, Pasté en pot, Aragondis, Amplummus, Stuffed eggs, Marrow rissoles, facrie chicken, almond irson, Sulta (pork head with herbs), fish in three manners, Têted e Boar golden and flamboyant, coated pheasants, dragees of spice and other candied fruits.

At what time ?

The event starts at 6:00 p.m. We recommend that you be punctual. Dinner ends at 8 p.m., to give you time to follow the procession and reach the Grand Place for the start of the Ommegang show scheduled for 9 p.m.


Invite your clients, partners or collaborators to participate in this extraordinary event! Price: to be confirmed

Car park ?

The nearest public car parks are: Parking Albertine or Place des Palais (ticket machine)

Dress code ?

The dinner takes place in the underground of Coudenberg where it is quite humid. The Ommegang show takes place outdoors. Please adapt your outfit according to the forecast weather.


The Coudenberg: The Ommegang: www.ommegang.bev


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