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The ruins of the castle of Boussu are classified exceptional heritage of the Walloon Region by decree of July 25, 1996.

On this occasion a reconstitution filmed for a week by RTBF of the "Banquet Lancelot de Casteau"

It has four courses which are themselves subdivided into different dishes. Under this system, called “à la française”, the staff simply place the food trays on the tables and the guests help themselves. The services are absolutely not composed in the same way today (which traditionally corresponds to the following order: starter, main course, salad, cheese, dessert - always sweet).

In the 16th century, the separation between sweet and sour was not yet clearly established. This is how the meal can very well begin with sweet dishes. On the other hand, the last service is, as now, completely dedicated to sweets. Which was not the case in previous centuries.



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